Friday, June 18, 2010

What is a Webinar?

When  I listen to conversations about all the tools available now on the internet I am overwhelmed with it all.  But WEBINAR is not one to be afraid of.

A webinar is just a class taught online that shows the instructors computer screen.  They can do a power point presentation or a live demo showing how to move around a site.The students just sit there, watch and listen.  There is also a place to type in questions.

The first time you attend a webinar you have to register at their site but that is only for the first time. After that a link is sent via eMail for the particular webinar you may have signed up for.  Click that link and - bingo- you are in the virtual classroom.  

The beauty of the webinar is that the host can switch the computer to a remote presenter, too.. I did a presentation on Vendio and everyone was watching ye computer as I demo-ed live.

They are also used as a one - on - one teaching method or as a troubleshooting tool. During a paid consulting session, the owner may switch control of the computer screen over to the student so the student can demonstrate exactly what they are having trouble with. 

At Virtual Online Learning we have at least 2 instructional webinars a month.  In addition there are some other classes that are $15.00 or less.  Currently paid membership is $50.00 for lifetime with no hidden fees.

A message board on rounds out the interaction between members and Danna Crawford / - the owner and founder. The chat board is all professional following Danna's lead of " Run from Drama Run"!!!

I hope this clears up some of the mystery behind the word WEBINAR and also hope to see you enjoying the benefits of Danna's vast knowledge and professionalism. 

Written by Louise Sanchez / HerbsCraftsGifts

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  1. There are so many benefits to webinars and they just keep getting better. I remember the days before webinar technology when a group of people had to gather in a conference room to have a video conference.It was typical to have issues with the video conference and spend part of the meeting trying to get a hold of tech support! This group is a great example of how webinars help people learn and network. One more thing I can add to Louise's benefits list- many webinars are recorded so the session can be listened to over and over. I love that!