Monday, June 21, 2010

Thanks to Auctiva! A sponsor for eBay on Location Atlanta Meet and Greet

Thanks to Auctiva for being a sponsor of the Ebay on Location Meet and Greet in Atlanta. Auctiva is one of the best tools for an eBay seller so it's great to have their sponsorship. I personally use Auctiva and can recommend several of their features. May be I'll have to do a demo at Virtual Online Learning so members can see what I mean. Auctiva supports eBay sellers by:
  • Sponsoring this event.
  • Providing affordable options for their tools.
  • Keeping their software up to date.
  • Informing customers with a terrific newsletter.
  • Offering the FREE scrolling gallery
  • FREE 30 day trials.


The image above shows you what my scrolling gallery looks like. You can sign up free to use the scrolling gallery and try out some other Auctiva tools.

Tip: I like the gallery at the bottom of my listing page. I like to keep customers focused on my ad. After a buyer reads and scrolls my entire ad, the gallery appears to showcase additional items.

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