Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Easy Auctions Tracker

This months Virtual Tour Bus visited : The and we had 130 people climb on board the Virtual bus! Many enjoyed virtual food and drinks while we sat back and cruised the internet highway watching how EASY the Easy Auctions Tracker really is!

This is the perfect solution for eBay sellers to keep very good records direct from eBay!
All of our Virtual Bus Tours are open to the public and include prizes! And the winners were:

1st  keifer27@ Auction Tracker Software 
2nd threesss3@ Membership to VOL 
3rd crystal@ Special eBay Box 

Congratulations on the drawing! It was completed on Wednesday, 16 February 2011 at 02:57:23 UTC The winners were drawn from a list of 129 entrants using true randomness, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.  
You will find the permanent record of the drawing here:

For those that missed the live presentation, HERE is the REPLAY!
At we provide presentations like this 24/7 on demand for our members on various topics.
Running time is about 50 min so put the video in FULL SCREEN mode, grab a snack and a drink take notes and SEE FOR YOURSELF how THE Easy Auctions Tracker works:


  1. I wonder if this works with the site?We sue different currency & different postal service. Be excellent if it did. This is a great presentation of a (potentially) extremely useful tool but sadly, as it only works with PC, it is of NO USE TO ME!
    I kind of understand why Mac users are sidelined in this way as my son has devised a listing database tool for me to use with Amazon (and several other non-eBay selling sites) . I can list on a Mac but he needs to finalise it on a PC before I can upload it (Google dropbox makes this EASY)

  2. Andrew-
    Yes, there is a version of our spreadsheet for eBay UK as well as eBay US, eBay Canada and eBay Australia. If you can run Windows on your Mac, we encourage you to download the Free Trial to see if it will work for you. We have some customers who are using our spreadsheet this way with no problem.

    The macros in our spreadsheet aren't compatible with the Mac version of MS Excel (Mac's version just doesn't process the code in the same way; so the transaction information isn't retrieved correctly).

    Feel free to email us if you have any other questions.