Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Food Network Giada De Laurentiis Recipe Mini Italian Pub Burger Sliders

Awesome Recipe for Burger Lovers and Virtualites! 

foodnetworkfanaticFood Network and Cooking Channel Giada De Laurentiis shares her recipe for these scrumptious Mini Italian Pub Burger Sliders on a special cooking show Ultimate Burger Bash. Giada adds her twist to these sliders with an Italian flair. She uses tomato paste, herbs and Taleggio and more to enhance the flavor of these gotta make burgers.

See the Awesome Video for how to make this recipe Right Here!


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  1. I am a burger lover and I really love to make my own burger and then sell it. The problem is I have a hard time creating my own recipe for it to make it more unique and outstanding than those other regular and already existing burgers. Well, if only there's an online degrees certification for it, but well - it nothing of course.