Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kerry Boozenny On Using Picnik, A Web-Based Photo Editing Application

Recently Kerry Boozenny, an assistant organizer on Virtual Online Learning, did a webinar on Picnik, a web-based photo-editing program.  I was totally blown away as I had never heard of this program and “thought” I was aware of the majority of photo editing sites and/or programs.  Well this webinar came at the perfect time for me.  My family was planning our Dad’s 80th birthday party and I was designing some banners, posters, magnets, etc.  I had one photo I wanted to use, but the resolution was so low that no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it clear enough to print.  

Picnik was a lifesaver and only with this program was I able to make the adjustments needed in order to complete this project.  As with most software products, there are two versions, free and upgraded.  I did upgrade to the paid version because I really needed some of the more advanced tools in order to complete my project, but for editing pictures for eBay or websites, the free version works fantastic.  One of the nicest things is that you can upgrade by the month with no further commitment.  

There are so many features; you’ll have to check it out for yourself.  One feature that I love is that you can import your pictures from many places like Picassa, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  You can create collages, fancy frames, add clipart, convert to black and white or sepia, air brush to “smooth” out, make designs, pixelate, and lots more.  I was amazed at all the free tools available that are of the same high quality as you might find on another application that you actually pay for.  One of the real benefits, as Kerry pointed out, is that the program is web based which means no software to download to your computer.  You can literally create a masterpiece on the fly from anywhere or any computer.  And unlike some of the desktop applications, you really don’t need any editing knowledge to create your projects.  So beginner or experienced, give Picnik a try.

Being a Photoshop junkie, it was no small feat for Kerry to convince me to give this program a try, but thankfully, she did and I am now devoted not just to Photoshop but now to Picnik too! 


  1. I use my Picasa and Picnik faithfully and absolutely love it! It's easy and professional looking.

  2. It was a great presentation she did too! I learned a lot with her hands-on demo and I look forward to seeing more of her webinars at: THANKS for the post!!!!

  3. Hi Kathy, I am thrilled that you were able to use and complete your Dad's birthday project using Picnik. The demo was a blast because the photo editing tools are fun for me to show off! Thanks for all the kind words.