Sunday, August 21, 2011

We now have a 2nd Power Listing Day

Thanks to the suggestion of our Forum supervisor at,  
Louise Sanchez of "Herbs-Crafts-Gifts" pointed out at a recent meeting that we needed to add a second day to our classic "Power Listing Day." The reason being that, the current PLD takes place 7 days before the last day of the current month, which allows eBay sellers to get ONE more sale on a 7 day listing and have it count as a sale for the current month.
Louise further explained that some sellers have reached their selling goals and would like to JUMP start the 1st of the next month SO, Day two of Power Listing Day has been born!

This will take place the day after the current PLD which means, a seven day auction will now show up on the FIRST of the next month!  Members that participate be challenged to end the month with a BANG and jump start the new month with a Power Selling Kick-off!

To participate, visit the home page calendar and look for the POWER LISTING DAY dates. click the further info and there is a link to take you directly to the FORUM for further discussion AND to share a link to your eBay account along with your GOAL numbers.  Some may set the goal to get 10 listings in while others may go for the gold, like our well known Virtualite Challenger : Cindy Sorely, owner of BubbaCanDance that has blown us all away with her 50+ listings during a Power Listing Day Challenge! THEN there are some of us that have prior commitments YET will want to participate for the exposure SO we will commit to at least ONE item being listed.

THE PERK is everyone that signs up to participate, will receive added exposure on twitter, using the hashtag #volPLD between several of our members with retweets as well as one post per account on our Facebook Fan Page.

Learn more by visiting the calendar on the home page of:

Virtual Online Learning

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  1. I made my goal for PDL day 1. I added nice clothing items for auction and some eBay classes to my store today!