Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christmas in July Sale Invitation

We would like to invite anyone in the eBay selling community to join us (Virtual Online Learning)  in our Christmas in July Sale starting in alittle over a week. With all the promotion and connections, we should be able to get some massive advertising done and contact literally 10's of thousands of folks.

Just some details -

Sale to kick off Sunday 7/18/10 and run to Sunday July 25th!!!

Why now? - 2 reasons - the phrase Christmas in July is popular and it is said having Christmas things listed way before the holiday seem to sell better, since there is hardly any competition;

We suggested 1 week only for the sale because the "experts" say anything longer is useless. You want to create a sense of urgency and even 7 days is a bit too long;

Christmas sale - means what you want it to mean. I am including Christmas items and some things I think that would be good as Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. We will be promoting sale items that are listed on eBay, only.

How can the sale items be found?  I am putting Christmas in my title and have a Christmas Shoppe category in my eBay store. You may even have a SALE category in your store.

If you would like to participate please be sure you organize your listings so they can be found easily. Then send the URL to the list of your sale items to me by Friday 7/16/10. If you need help with this, please write and we will help you get it done. Then email me your info.

Promotion - The more the merrier. Once we have the list of participants created on this Virtual Online Learning blog, we all can start promoting it on our own blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter, Stumbleupon, and any other place you can think of. I will also be sending info to my whole mailing list.

Let's have fun with this and make lots of sales. Thanks

Louise Colorado Springs, CO
eBay Store

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