Monday, September 7, 2009

Five Easy Rules to Keep Clutter Away.

From Clutter Busting Handbook by Rita Emmett

Five Easy Rules To Keep Clutter At Bay

We live in a world of incoming clutter. No we don't have to become obsessive or compulsive about clutter-busting but just follow a few easy rules.

1. Regularly get rid of items that are no longer useful.
2. Think twice before bringing something into our house.
3. Find a place for all our stuff to live.
4. Immediately put things where they belong instead of setting them down "to put away later"
5. Have a simple few habits and systems in place.

I will have lots more tips for this and my personal blog and will also use on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks Danna for urging me on. Submitted by Judy McGarry

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