Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hocking Depression Era Canisters - The discetion of a listing by Louise Sanchez

After my Mom passed away in NY we inherited the house and everything in it. Our garage here was jammed packed and we are determined that this is the year we really make decisions about it all.  We had taken these canisters out and they were waiting to be photoed for eBay.  Our good friend Danna Crawford was here, saw them and said I really needed to get them listed 

 I had no idea what they were until one day I was on Pinterest and saw a jar like mine that said Jadeite / Jadite.  That day became one of research and alot of discussion on a Facebook group. One gal has a friend who is an expert on Jadite and gave me alot of very helpful information.  The Green Color is flash on or fired on over clear glass.

After lots of discussion we decided an auction was the way to go and that because of the rarity of the cereal and rice jars, I really needed to put a reserve.  I spoke to 2 other friends who are very experienced eBayers - one about Depression glass and the other on how to list expensive items and to discuss the debate of reserve or no reserve. 


I did my research on Terapeak and found that individual jars by different makers were selling for $120 -$150. each.  With that in mind I set the reserve for quite a bit under that.

Flour Shaker
There was some discussion, too, that they may be reproductions because they are in such good condition.  I wrote in the description that I really think they were a wedding gift to my parents who married in 1941.  Mom's kitchen was always blue and Grandma (who lived in the same house as us) - was red.  There was no way either of them would have put anything green in either of their kitchen. 

BTW - Prior to the early 1940's Hocking was the Glass company. Anchor was the company who did the lids and after they merged they added the Anchor logo. My canisters do not have the anchor logo!!!

The lessons here are - meeting other eBayers either online or at eBay events is so precious when you need expert help on something.  In my case I was able to make informed decisions on every aspect of the listing, and all the info and help I received was free. Don't be afraid to join several eBay boards on Facebook and learn each ones strengths, so when you have a difficult listing you know who to ask for help. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing about these great canisters and the wisdom of networking with others. The participation in the boards are a wise investment of time. Much continued success!!! Would love to know the result of the auction.
    Also, my sympathy in the loss of your mom. I hope that as you go through her items that memories are comforting.