Thursday, December 15, 2011

Virtual Online Learning Year in Review 2011

This Fall the MINI blog challenge was introduced as a mid month, 2 post challenge plus bonus. This challenge has had great participation. It's great to see all the different personalities and areas of expertise on our members blogs.

Here are a few who have participated recently. Leave a comment if you participate too!

Hidden Treasures in your Backyard

Bay Area Gifts and More

Power Selling Mom

Some VOL group activities are well established such as the monthly members only chats, skype calls, radio speak ups and eBay power listing days.

The VOL private Facebook group opened this Fall and is a great way to keep in touch with the group. So if you are not part of the group on Facebook let us know so we can add you.

With over 200 members, excellent topics, and all these monthly activities this a fun group to watch. You will learn a lot!

I am sure I left out some other fun events that happened this year. I did not even get a chance to mention all of the great video tutorials available on demand. It's been a great year at VOL.... Cheers!

Kerry @elegantKB posted this as post 2 for the Dec 15 mini blog challenge.

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