Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Note from Dinesh Lathi Vice President of eBay Inc.

Fall Seller Update delivers more buyers and new seller protection--with little need for change on your part

As we head into the holiday season, eBay is making unprecedented investments to bring you more buyers and ensure their expectations are met head-on. The second and final seller update for 2011 provides new ways for you to maximize your sales and profitability--without the need for significant changes to your listings or business practices.

25 EXTRA characters in your title to draw more buyers to your listings!
In early September, you'll have nearly 50% more space in your listing titles--25 additional characters--to include more keywords and descriptors to get your listings in front of more interested buyers.

New protection for your performance rating
We know you want to do the right thing for your customers--that's why eBay always encourages buyers to contact the seller before filing a Buyer Protection case. Starting in August, if the buyer doesn't contact you before opening a Buyer Protection case and you act quickly to resolve it, the case won't be included in your performance rating.

Keeping buyers on eBay
Buyers should be able to find everything they need to complete a purchase right in the listing--and if necessary, contact the seller right from eBay. Starting in October, sellers will not be able to submit a new listing or re-listing if the description includes an email address or link that doesn't help buyers transact safely and efficiently on eBay.

One or more of your listings may have email addresses or non-compliant links, so be sure to start updating these listings and listing templates now.

Meaningful return policy
Today's online buyers expect to have a reasonable timeframe for returns, and the option of getting money back. Starting in August you can specify "Money back or exchange" as a refund option. Early next year, the 3- and 7-day return options will no longer be available and a cash refund option will be required for all returns. As always, sellers may specify an "all sales final" policy. Give yourself a competitive edge for the holidays--start offering longer timeframes and cash-back options now.

Category and Item Specific updates
As always, changes to categories and item specifics are included with the rest of seller updates. Look for updates in Coins, Computers & Networking, eBay Motors Parts & Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Tickets, Collectibles, and eBay Motors Vehicles. Find out if your listings are affected.

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