Monday, December 13, 2010

Special eBay Boxes from the Green Team

Check out Virtual Online Learning Members who ship with green eBay boxes. We are proud to feature our friends who are using the boxes to save energy and reduce waste on our planet! The eBay box program is brand new! Sellers had to sign up and commit to participate in the program with the eBay Green Team. At this time is available in the United States only. The boxes are specially designed to be reused and recycled. Each box has an id number that is registered and then tracked each time it is shipped. Users earn eBay bucks when a box is registered!

Here is a link to find out more about the eBay box.

Pat shared a great video on her blog. You can watch it here to see where she is sending an eBay box.

If you like the idea, please support the sellers in our group. They are special, caring people who sell and ship green!

Here's the list:

elegantKB @elegantkb
ask Danna @powersellingmom
purrfree @catpurry

Attention Virtualites: Please contact me to add your name on the blog list if participate in the eBay green box program. You don't have to have the boxes. If you get an item shipped in an eBay Green Team box, I will add your name to our list. I encourage you to support each other. Check back as we blog more about how the eBay box program is going!

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