Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sneak Peek 2011 Virtual Online Learning Events

Are you wondering what's coming for 2011 at Virtual Online Learning? Here is a sneak peek at the calendar:

Jan 3 - Using iGoogle with Kerry Boozenny
Jan 11 - Group Twitter Challenge
Jan 17 - Monthly Skype Call with James Pace and Danna Crawford
Jan 25 - Group Chat with Kathy Keefe and Danna Crawford
Jan 30 - Meet and Greet Members Day
Jan 31 - Group eBook about eBay selling tips

And that is just for January. There will also be a blog challenge and a power listing day. This is an active group with lots of options for you to participate a little or a lot! I hope you have a Happy Holiday season and I hope to see you at Virtual Online in 2011!

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