Thursday, November 18, 2010

How To Sell Record Albums on eBay #volbc

 #volbcOur membership site, offers monthly webinars providing all sorts of online learning. We recently had a presentation on:

Members can still view the presentation directly on our message board:

All webinars are recorded and available for our members to view later. This is what makes it nice because members can learn when they are free.
Learning on demand 24/7!

If you are not a member and not interested to join right now, this presentation can be purchased in my eBay store at: with 10% of the proceeds supporting

Here is what some of our members had to say about this presentation:

 Great presentation as always. Learned many new helpful tips about selling record LP's on eBay. Thanks so much. 

 It was such a great revelation for me!!! going over the whole process reminded me that I get in a hurry, do things before listing, like weighing & measuring, writing info down, etc, and forget to do the research. It is fresh in my mind now, and being told what to look for is like having the keys to the most important door. Thank you so very very much Danna for sharing so much with us, and for teaching us sooo much that is necessary knowledge for tracking down the best. 

 Information I really needed! Thank you so much Danna! 

 What a great and INFORMATIVE webinar! Thank you very much Danna for sharing this valuable information! If I could rate it MORE then 5 stars, I would! 

 Great presentation with lots of great info. I've now got some research to do and know how to to do it now. Thanks! 


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