Friday, June 11, 2010

Are You Using EntreCard to Help Promote Your Blog?

Several months ago Danna Crawford aka conducted a webinar for the members of Virtual Online Learning on how to promote a blog using Entrecard.

Since then a friend and I have been seriously using it.  We drop at least 50 cards a day and sometimes 100+.  

The easiest & fastest way for me, is to use the Drops Inbox.  I chose one to drop on, and near the Entrecard box is an ad.  Click on that ad and drop there and continue the cycle until I encounter a stopper.  A stopper can be an Entrecard ad or an ad in the same category we are. My longest series was 15 drops!

We have discovered that it is not to our advantage to give points to blogs we are trying to move ahead of. I usually drop on everyone who dropped on me 'today' and 'yesterday' plus everyone who will have an ad on my blog.

It would be advantageous to a group of committed  'droppers' who we can all advertise and drop on each other. This is a very easy task to do daily either while watching TV or talking on the phone. 

Thanks again to Danna for another very informative & helpful webinar.

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