Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Good to Go Green on eBay!

Members of the Virtual Online Learning group might remember my presentation from February 16 about Running a Lean and Green eBay business. I told everyone "Catch the Green Wave" and put some green strategies into their eBay business plan. Well it's not too late. It's April and that means there is a lot of green buzz going on. It's the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, so get ready to celebrate.

In the meantime, really good green things have been happening to me as a result of taking the pledge to ship green at A writer from Auctiva found me on Danna's site and asked if she could interview me! You can read my eBay store profile that's in this weeks Auctiva newsletter. Also I am 90% done with my book, Running a Lean and Green eBay business, so I decided to offer my eBook in the pre-release version on my blog. I just can't wait to share it even if the cover design and artwork aren't done. There are lots of tips and ideas there for you to get ready for Earth Day and a green holiday season on eBay.
For members of Virtual Online Learning (Virtualites), I think the webinar is still posted so you can look at it for inspiration a little while longer.
If you have not joined the eBay Green Team you definitely need to do it now. It's good timing because when you join and take reuse pledge you are entered to win $10,000 sweepstakes. I think this offer ends at midnight on Earth Day so don't delay!

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  1. Fantastic post! Sure enjoyed the presentation too!