Saturday, February 6, 2010

Webinar for Members

Strategies for Selling Books

9:00 PM EST

Selling books is a great way to not only clean up the book shelves from around the house but its a great way to add a few extra bucks to the savings account each month in addition to current online selling.

In this session I will cover in detail how to decide WHERE to sell your books.
Taking a look at:


I will show you the pros and cons to selling books on each of the platforms.

I will cover a way to manage inventory and record keeping in addition to shipping books.
Where to find books to sell and selling books in bulk.


This webinar is $15.00 for MEMBERS ONLY at

Thursday February 11 it will be LIVE or the DVD will be available same price to members or Non-members can purchase any of the DVD's from my eBay store at:

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