Monday, July 27, 2009

Note from: Busy Bee Bienlein Design Finds

Greetings from Michigan!

My name is Brenda Bienlein. My last name is German and pronounced Bean Line. A deaf friend of mine who was born in Germany told me that my last name means "Busy Bee" in German. How perfect! That fits me just right. I am certainly a busy bee as I fly from this activity to another activity throughout the day. This is why it is such a joy to be able to work from home. I have no set schedule or hours. I can be as flexible as I want and just go with the flow.

I start my day with prayer and ask the Lord what He wants me to do for Him that day. Then I just get started and do my best! Whatever happens, happens! No two days are the same and that is what makes my life interesting and stress-free.

I have been selling on eBay since 2000. A friend/neighbor got me started and she gets all the credit for encouraging me to be where I am today. Without her tutoring and help back when I first got started, I do not know if I would have continued or not. Life happens and both my friend and I moved away from where we first met. She no longer does eBay but here I am nine years later and a PowerSeller!

Being a PowerSeller certainly doesn't mean I know everything there is to know about eBay. I'm a lifetime learner and I am constantly learning new things on how to improve my business. I try not to overload myself with information as that just puts me at a standstill and nothing gets accomplished. I am selective about the mentors I follow.. and I strongly suggest you have some positive mentors in your life and in your business. These are the people that keep you going when the times get rough - and they will!

My newest mentor is Danna Crawford from Virtual Online Learning. I encourage you to check her site out. She offers different classes and very reasonable prices for membership and classes. I made her aware that I am deaf when I first signed up and she immediately bent over backwards helping me fit in. I was given PDF transcripts to her class (on blogging!) and she even captioned a video she posted about PayPal! How cool is that! I'm so blessed!

I invite you to stop by my ebay store, BienleinDesign Finds. Mention that you learned about me via this blog and I'll give you free shipping up to $10.00 off!

I also invite you to become a fan of BienleinDesign Finds Fan page on Facebook. That way you can keep posted on my latest listings. Never know what I will find that might be what you have been looking for!

Have a blessed day!
Brenda Bienlein


  1. Brenda, what a great post and a fabulous story :) You sound like a really amazing person and an inspiration to those that know you! I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts both here and on Facebook and getting to know you better!

    aka Auntie Em

  2. You go Brenda! You are one amazing woman!

    Jennifer Smith